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Scouting Done Easy.Enhance your VEX Robotics scouting with GaelScout – your all-in-one solution for team data, match results, rankings, efficient note-taking, and a competitive edge.
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Developed by members of Gael Force RoboticsGaelScout was developed by Gael Force Robotics students, for students.Scouting teams can be challenging, with a vast amount of participants, few to no reliable methods of communication, limited resources, and difficulty distinguishing teams from one another in competition.GaelScout's history originates back in 2019, starting as an app offering team information and scouting notes, with a neural network match predictor as its standout feature.Our members have brought back GaelScout, now serving the features of VEX Via, VEX DB, and its predecessor in a single application, dependent only on RobotEvents, to tackle these challenges.

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